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Emily Comm Profilev2

Emily Whalen

Chair (4C)

Hello! My name is Emily and I am so honoured to be the Chair of WHISM in 2022! I have always had a strong passion for Women’s Health and I hope to pursue a career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology where I can support women through their healthcare journey.

Aside from Medicine, I am also studying a Diploma of Languages (French) and I hope to work overseas in a French-speaking country one day! My other interests include travelling, good food, music and spending time with family, friends and my dog!

I am very excited to lead WHISM and I can’t wait to see what we achieve together as a committee – I know it will be a great year!

Carine Comm Profilev2

Carine Wessels

Vice Chair (5D)

I’m a final year student with an interest in O&G, having completed my BMedSc exploring the relationship between induction of labour and caesarean birth. 

When not stuck on the wards, I like to be up before sunrise, down at the beach and with plenty of coffee on-hand.

Palak Comm Profilev2

Palak Gupta

Vice Chair (BMedSci)

Hi my name is Palak, and I’m very excited to be a part of WHISM in 2022. I have a keen interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, which led me to pursue a BMedSci this year. I particularly enjoyed interacting with the patients and all the procedural aspects of O&G.

Aside from medicine, I enjoy cooking, taking pictures of food and spend a lot of time looking at cafe menus or chasing after my dog, Pepsi when he sneakily escapes the house.

Michael Comm Profilev2

Michael Azizagdam

Secretary (5D)

My name is Michael (pronounced Mikhail), I’m in my final year and will be your WHISM 2022 Secretary. I have a keen interest in Women’s Health, particularly gynaecological and obstetric surgeries and advocacy for women. I look forward to working with WHISM in 2022.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing board games and baddy with friends, going on hikes and going to the beach.

Fiona Comm Profilev2

Fiona Chan

Treasurer & Sponsorship Officer (BMedSci)

Hi, my name is Fiona, a current BMedSc(Hons) student. My interest lies in the field of obstetrics, in particular, induction of labour. I am hoping to increase my knowledge base and confidence to care for women.

Outside of medicine, I love swimming, meeting new people, and going for extraordinary dining experiences! Aloha!

Meghna Comm Profilev2

Meghna Prasannan

Logistics Officer (4C)

Hi, I’m Meghna! I am a year 4C student and I will be WHISM’s 2022 Logistics Officer. My interest in Women’s Health lies in maternal-fetal medicine and finding ways to tackle the inequalities women face within healthcare.

Outside of medicine, I really enjoy long hikes, travelling and finding new places to eat.

Surabhi Comm Profilev2

Surabhi Shashishekara

Promotions Officer (4C)

Helo! My interest in Women’s Health has grown ever since I picked maternal-foetal medicine as an elective during my undergrad. I’m very excited to see the perfect blend of preventative, surgical and diagnostic medicine on my Women’s rotation this year!

Besides medicine, I teach kids how to code, love a good biopic and enjoy spending all my money on roadtrips. 🤡

Santina Comm Profilev2

Santina Bresolin

Pre-4C Representative (3B)

Hi everyone! I’m Santina and I’m very excited to be one of the WHISM Pre-4C Reps for 2022. Outside of med, I love walking, heading down to the beach and cooking new meals.

After learning about various health challenges women face, I look forward to helping create new resources and events for those who also have a keen interest in women’s health.

Manveen Comm Profilev2

Manveen Kaur

Pre-4C Representative (2A)

Hey everyone! I’m Manveen and I’m super keen to be one of the pre-4C reps for WHISM in 2022. I’m interested in pursuing a career in O&G and want to further explore the opportunity of working with women from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Outside of medicine, I like to bake, go on long walks with friends and paint whenever I can!


Georgia Comm Profilev2

Georgia Rush

Rural Representative (3B)

Hi, I’m Georgia! I am a year 3B student currently placed in Mildura. Outside of medicine, you can find me in the gym, walking my dog or devouring a cheese board with friends and family.

I’m interested in adolescent gynaecology and one day hope to work in adolescent O&G.