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Get up-to-date information on all things Women’s Health.

WHISM Resource Library

All academic content from summary sheets, lectures, MCQs to OSCEs in one Google Drive!

PROMPT Guidelines

Monash Health guidelines on all conditions, procedures and emergencies in O&G. 

RANZCOG Guidelines

Royal Australian and New Zealand College O&G guidelines. 

RCOG Guidelines

Royal College of O&G guidelines based in UK. Closely related to Australian guidelines. 

NICE Guidelines

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines based in England. Considers health economics to provide the more cost effective treatment. 

SOGC Guidelines

Society of O&G of Canada guidelines. 

ADIPS Guidelines

Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society guidelines for diabetes in pregnancy. 

Family Planning Victoria Guidelines

Family planning Victoria information on contraception. 

FSRH Guidelines

Faculty of sexual and reproductive healthcare of the RCOG guidelines for contraception.  

Australian STI Management Guidelines

STI information and management guidelines for both men and women.

ASID Guidelines

Australian Society of Infectious Disease guidelines on management of perinatal infections.

ASUM Guidelines

Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine O&G ultrasound guidelines.

Safer Baby Bundle Guidelines & Modules

Stillbirth Centre of Research Excellence resources and online learning modules for stillbirth, IUGR and risk reduction.  

FSEP Guidelines & Modules

Online Fetal Surveillance Education Program provides in-depth information and certificate of completion with the capability to track progress via online quizzes. 

The Royal Women's Hospital Guidelines

Royal Women’s Hospital Clinical Guidelines.

Jean Hailes

Information and videos on Women’s health conditions. 

Teach Me ObGyn

Information on Women’s health conditions. 

Geeky Medics

Revision notes, OSCE notes/ videos and CTG interpretation notes.